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How to Find Career Success Post-Pandemic

Updated: Oct 3

The COVID-19 crisis changed the face of work worldwide, for example, by inspiring people to quit their jobs or change careers. If you're wondering how to leverage your skills for success in a post-pandemic world, rest assured there are many opportunities available. This guide provides tips for writers and authors on finding post-pandemic career success.

Figure Out a Niche to Target

Certain industries have taken off since COVID-19, while others have faltered.

● Research industries that are on the rise. For example, the number of job opportunities for freelance writers has skyrocketed.

● If you don't know what direction to take your career in, consider taking a career test.

● If you're still struggling to figure out the right path, talk to a career coach.

Tackle Essential Administrative Steps for Greater Success

Address these practicalities for big-picture career growth.

● If you decide to become an entrepreneur, register your business as an LLC. Here's how it's done.

● Once you establish your company, determine the tax requirements.

● If you're going to apply for job opportunities, update your resume with these tips.

● When writing cover letters for jobs, make sure to tailor them to the position and company. This guide explains how to write a cover letter for writer jobs.

Hone Your Skills and Gain New Ones

Professional training and certifications can help you go further.

● Consider whether you need a degree for your career pivot. You might supplement your writing income with something more regular, like medical coding, for example. Choose the right fit from online medical coding courses.

● If you want to transition into a different niche, look for online certification courses. For example, writers can find courses on everything from gaming writing to blogging.

● Refine your talents at every step. For example, if you're a writer, working with a professional editor can help you get your craft to the next level.

● Networking is another great way to learn more from others in your field. Here are some networking opportunities for writers.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many changes in the working world. However, those don't have to be bad changes! If you're a writer or author, there are many opportunities available. Trust the resources above to help.

© Carla Lopez 2022

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