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"Polishing words for publication!"


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Ten No Nonsense Steps to Becoming an Audiobook RecordingArtist

Lead Your Way to Real Estaate Success

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Metamorphosis of the Soul:

Finding Christ's

Love and Faith



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Writing a Great Story Starts With Writing a Killer Intro

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Tips for Writing a Great College Term Paper

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Writing Your Own Cover Letter

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Writing has been a passion for as long as I can remember. While the necessities of life mandated that I work in jobs that did not exactly fit my writing goals, I am finally at a place in my life where I can write 'till my heart is content.
​I enjoy writing research articles, short stories, and screenplays.


Visit my BOOKS page to see my list of published books. Contact me by email any time.

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If you enjoy writing online content, please join me in writing for HubPages/The Arena Group. It is free to sign up.


Note: When you sign up by clicking on the HubPages link, I  receive a bonus at no loss of royalties to you.

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Marlene is a proud member of the
International Screenwriter's Association (ISA).


Editing Services

Marlene holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration specializing in Computer Science (Management Information Systems).

Working as an editor for national computer companies in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley areas has provided the experience required to edit manuscripts to exceptional standards.

As a writer, Marlene has received multiple accolades from HubPages/The Arena Group for outstanding performance as a journalist. Also, as an indie publisher, Marlene has written, published, and sold books in several genres.

Marlene currently offers editing services to authors of fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. Genres include Memoirs, Spirituals, Biographies, Autobiographies, Short Stories, Suspense, and Instructional Manuals.

Hire Marlene for personalized editing of your manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and continuity.

Marlene works with a small number of authors at a time, so your manuscript receives quality service at all times.

Every writer has a voice, and Marlene understands the importance of keeping your voice while polishing your manuscript into a product you can be proud of.

Please get in touch with Marlene for a personalized editing quote.

"None but an author knows an author's cares or fancy's fondness for the child she bears."

-W. Cowper-

Showcase of Books

I have had the pleasure of editing numerous books by very fine authors.

Please click on the Bookshelf link to see a showcase of recently released titles.

Editing Services
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Nichelle Isiah

Mrs. Marlene Bertrand is my Editor of Excellence and also did the formatting for my book.  I am so very grateful for the blessing of her shared expertise on this and other book projects of mine. Marlene, your patience, prayers, skill, and timeliness are so very appreciated!  God bless you!

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Evg Rebecca Collier-Hagler

Thank you to Marlene Bertrand. Your gifting as an editor and your supportive and encouraging words have given me the courage to step into another phase of my life. May God's blessing be with you always

Lisa Roper

Thank you so very much. Blessings and FAVOR to you. I am honored that HE chose us for this assignment 

I only want to be His mouthpiece always!

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