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Happy to Have Readers Like You

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Reading articles online is a fun pasttime.

Hello Readers!

Most writers know that sometimes the only reward we receive is the pat on the back we give ourselves for a well-done job.

I have been writing for HubPages, a division of Maven Coalition, for over twelve years. Every week, HubPages publishes a newsletter for its writers. As I read through the weekly newsletter today, I saw my name next to one of my recently published articles. I shamelessly admit that seeing my article featured as one of the Featured Articles of the Week gave me a jolt of joy.

The article is titled, What to Do About Tick Bites. I wrote the article after my husband was bitten by a tick. I didn’t know what to do, so I started researching on the internet. I had to glean the information from several websites. Then it dawned on me that if I am having trouble locating information, others are too, so I wrote an article with an overview of things people should know about ticks and tick bites.

Thank you, readers, for reading my articles. Although the reward is not always monetary, the recognition is an inspiration to keep writing. Your readership helps my writing efforts get noticed by the editors.

I am grateful to you for your support.

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2 commentaires

Ticks are a timely topic, especially this time of year here in the Northwestern Sierra Foothills of California. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and research results 🧡🐾🧡 - Laura McMeyler, WildCat Rub

06 avr. 2023
En réponse à

Thank you, mcmeyler! I didn't know but learned how prevalent ticks are in this area.

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